MG-ALFA — Capabilities

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We created the MG-ALFA platform specifically for the life insurance industry, so every attribute is geared toward your environment, daily tasks, and business success.

Superior technical design for optimum efficiency

  • Native ALM design allowing full balance-sheet communication
  • Proprietary memory management for unrivaled capacity
  • Optimization options for speed
  • Intuitive interface and broad utilities for modeling efficiency

Architecture to provide consistency and efficiency

  • Structure facilitates a single model across all applications and lines of business
  • Ability to externalize data to support tractable and efficient assumption and data changes
  • Advanced compression algorithms
  • Robust corporate modeling capabilities

Advanced analytics to future-proof your business

  • Stochastic projections and pricing, including stochastic solve capability
  • A combination of probability and random variables to forecast financial performance or, in the case of reserve setting, to forecast financial requirements
  • Nested stochastic option pricing capabilities for advanced ALM analysis
  • Nested stochastic TailVaR capabilities to project stochastic values for PBA, Solvency II, GAAP, and IFRS
  • Nested stochastic GAAP processing to project SOP 03-1 and FAS 133 reserves

Grid computing to maximize speed and capacity

  • First to be grid-enabled and provide more grid choices than any other system (ADC, C-Squared, Tibco GridServer, Microsoft HPC, cloud computing)
  • Most stable, seamless integration available
  • Distribution by scenario, cell, and cell within scenario to maximize grid usage