The Milliman Goals Based Advice Platform

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The Milliman Goals Based Advice Platform is a centralised, cloud-based solution that delivers an enterprise calculation capability, providing comprehensive and holistic insights into the future financial position of individuals and family groups.

We have taken our decades of actuarial expertise modelling risks for global insurance companies, and are now applying it to retail investors.

With planning tools powered by the Milliman platform, financial advisers can quickly run in-depth personalised analysis for their customers. They can then use that insight to build much stronger relationships to inform customer conversations about risk, reward and the trade-offs that accompany each decision. The end result is a more meaningful relationship with customers, providing them a higher level of service and a more holistic view of risks and rewards.

The Milliman Goals Based Advice Platform is unique because it:

  • Provides users with a robust technology and algorithmic solution, supported by a global actuarial firm
  • Uses one platform to centrally manage and power omni-channel applications
  • Has a virtually unlimited range of modelling applications – from holistic financial advice tools, through to single-issue engagement apps, customer outcome analyses and more.
  • Uses customised APIs that permit users to develop any range of their own tools using the platform
  • Allows standardised Milliman configuration and assumptions to be leveraged
  • Gives users the ability to focus on the customer experience

Our work includes:

  • Assisting users in developing appropriate methodologies and approaches for goals based advice, point of sale and customer engagement applications involving future uncertain customer outcomes
  • Developing goals-based financial planning software, high-value customer engagement applications and advanced customer outcome analytics for the financial services industry
  • Helping our clients meet regulatory and compliance requirements associated with developing customer communications, developing and designing consumer-driven products and analysing and communicating customer outcomes
  • Introducing innovative product solutions tailored to meet the resulting customer requirements that arise from such frameworks

The Milliman Goals Based Advice Platform can help companies and people all over the world, including financial advice groups building their own customer engagement and advice systems, financial advice technology providers, robo-advisers looking to develop a next wave of automated advice offerings and product manufacturers.

Next Steps

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