Guarantee product design

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Extensive international experience means Milliman is ideally positioned to assist clients with every phase of product development and execution, as we can apply our market-leading financial risk management (FRM) expertise to the area of investment guarantee product design. Our consultants have gained experience over a range of products and markets, ensuring that clients receive the latest thinking, adapted to the Australian environment.

Our expertise includes:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Product pricing, design and valuation
  • Integrated investment and risk management framework
  • Hedge advisory and execution services
  • Risk transfer administration

Design with the Australian market in mind

Along with our global expertise in a wide range of insurance and investment products, our Australian team excels at tailoring emerging products to our changing local market. Whether it's aging baby boomers' growing desire for protection against market downside risk or the effects of changes to superannuation, our team combines knowledge of international trends with insight into the specifics of today's Australian marketplace.

Next Steps

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