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Read below for more information on how to handle bonds, how the Milliman Managed Risk Strategy™ (MMRS) works, and how to reduce inflation risk during retirement. To get our newsletters on topics like these and more, sign up here.


Are you prepared for a bear market in bonds?

While few are now predicting a crash, there exists a high degree of uncertainty given the length of the bull market in bonds and the extreme level of re-leveraging by central banks in recent years.

Why only one-third of pension products are using derivatives to protect against market downturns

Big data plays a crucial role in revealing how retirees are behaving as opposed to how they think they’re behaving.

How to tell if your portfolio protection strategy is underperforming

Retirees need to pay greater attention to risk while still attempting to maximise returns.


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Research: Falling retirement spend driven by behaviour, not declining income

Retirees’ age is just as strong an indicator of behaviour as income level.

Analysis: Retirees’ spending falls faster than expected into old age

According to a Milliman analysis, the financial services industry may have underestimated the dramatic falloff in retiree spending as retirees age.

How to help customers make choices today that will benefit them tomorrow

When members are able to see their future selves in vivid and realistic detail, they are more willing to make choices today that may benefit them in years to come.


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Issued by Milliman Pty. Ltd. (Milliman AU) (ABN51 093 828 418) (AFSL 340679) Please contact Milliman to obtain more information about the products and services we offer as not all products and services may be suitable for you.

The Milliman Managed Risk Strategy is available only to persons who meet the requirements for a "wholesale client" under the Corporations Act and trustees of superannuation funds with net assets of at least A$10 million (Clients). Clients must have an agreement with Milliman Pty Ltd ABN 51 093 828 418 AFSL 340679 (Milliman) to implement the strategy (Service) against a portfolio of the Client's equity investments (such as listed shares), which enables the Client to use the Service or to offer the Service to members of the Client's superannuation fund.

Milliman makes no recommendation and gives no statement of opinion to Clients, members of Clients' superannuation funds or their respective advisers in relation to use of, or any investments, in the Service. Before considering whether to use the Service, Clients may wish to obtain professional advice (including taxation advice). Investments in, the Service are subject to market and other risks, and no guarantee or assurance is given by Milliman that such investments will not give rise to losses or that performance of the Service will completely reflect inversely the performance of equities markets generally or a Client's portfolio of equity investments. While generally assets which are acquired through use of the Service will be liquid, this may not be the case in all circumstances. Further, during periods of sustained market growth, the return to Clients from the combination of their portfolio of equity investments and assets held in the Service should be less than if the Client did not participate in the Service. Fees and conditions apply to use of the Service.

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