Strategy consulting and predictive analysis

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Milliman provides a wide array of strategic consulting services for a range of financial service organisations. Our expertise in understanding customer/member behaviour and predictive modelling analytics offers our clients deep insight into the key drivers of their businesses, enabling them to develop comprehensive, strategic plans that enhance their business results.

Milliman's strategic consulting services cover the entire range of business issues facing the wealth management industry. We are frequently called upon to perform strategic analysis and to provide insight into issues affecting businesses and their strategic business plans.

We frequently help our clients to understand and assess alternative business and operational model options. Our services include actuarial appraisals, financial scenario and business case projections, product development plans, capital assessment, and analyses of risk management alternatives.

Understanding customer behaviour is critical to the success of any business. Though our extensive data analytics and modelling capabilities, we help our clients to maximise the benefit of their existing data repositories to deliver insight and predictive models of customer/member behaviour. These include both one off analyses as well as ongoing support to help businesses to monitor key behavioural drivers, and to dynamically respond to data driven customer/member signals.

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