MG-ALFA — Implementation

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Built on a half-century of industry insight, MG-ALFA is continually refined based on the feedback of Milliman actuaries in today’s markets. Our expertise and experience have enabled us to anticipate trends and design for longevity.

Milliman has an impressive track record of successful MG-ALFA deployment. The formula for this success is a blend of actuarial knowledge, business experience, and technical proficiency. Our implementations are measured in months, not years; they are on time and on budget. We offer superior software, documented processes, expert implementation assistance, and outstanding ongoing support.

Some clients will use internal staff throughout their implementations of MG-ALFA, while leveraging Milliman's expertise in key areas where we can add the most value. Typical areas for assistance include efficient model design, advanced customization, peer review, and establishing production protocols. With the value that we can personally add, our clients experience optimal implementation with full transfer of skills to their internal staff.

Milliman heritage

MG-ALFA is backed by the most respected name in the industry. Milliman actuaries have been helping life insurers tackle their toughest problems for more than 60 years. MG-ALFA is designed, built, and supported by Milliman, and we use it in our consulting practices every day. MG-ALFA has proven itself in the marketplace with more than a decade of client growth, retention, and expansion. As both business and technical experts, we understand the daily challenges of our customers and know how to address them.