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Fund services

As the leading provider of risk management solutions for the insurance industry, Milliman has developed systems, processes, and a global trading platform supporting over $500 billion in assets under management (AUM), and is responsible for directly managing exposures for $50 billion in AUM for its clients. Extending this capability to pension plans, fund managers, and platform providers gives clients the ability to tap into Milliman’s global scale and thought leadership to develop innovative investment solutions.

Traditional portfolio construction techniques neglect the impact that changes to market conditions can have on a retirement portfolio. Milliman's fund services are dedicated to the development of smarter investment strategies and risk management solutions to meet the challenging needs of the pre- and post-retirement markets.

Leveraging Milliman's global 24-hour trading platform, with desks in Chicago, London, and Sydney, clients are able to implement innovative portfolio solutions, spanning specific funds, risk management overlays, and platform solutions.

Milliman's experience and success in managing risk for its client’s through the "tech wreck" of 2001-2002 and the global financial crisis of 2007-2009 reinforced the strength and depth of its approach and provides clients with the comfort and security necessary when developing robust risk management solutions.

Milliman's fund services include:

  • Strategy design, analysis, and implementation
  • Risk management overlays spanning equity, interest rate, currency, and volatility exposures
  • Protection strategies and target date funds
  • Tail risk hedging and managed volatility strategies
  • Inflation risk management
  • Development and management of guarantee solutions and collateralisation structures

Milliman's approach and philosophy is founded on its consulting history, resulting in a collaborative and transparent model. Clients also benefit from Milliman's global scale and ability to transact quickly and efficiently.

Australia Contacts

Victor Huang headshot

Victor Huang

Principal and Head of Investment Solutions Asia-Pacific

Victor Huang is a principal with Milliman and heads up the Investment Solutions team in Australia. He has been with Milliman since 2008. Victor currently leads a team of portfolio managers, actuaries, and traders who design and implem...

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