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Whistleblower reporting program

Milliman is committed to ethical and legal business conduct and supports a working environment that promotes ongoing and open communication among management, staff and business partners without fear of retaliation or reprisal.

The whistleblower reporting program is available for reporting by persons who acquired information on breaches in a work-related context involving Milliman, i.e., Milliman’s current or former employees, applicants, shareholders, members of the administrative, management or supervisory body, non-executive members, volunteers, self-employed, paid and unpaid trainees, and for any person working under the supervision and direction of Milliman’s contractors, subcontractors or suppliers (“Informants”).

Click here to access Milliman’s whistleblower reporting site.

After a submission is made to the whistleblower reporting system, Milliman will investigate concerns as appropriate and may ask questions of the Informant when needed for clarification and additional information. Corrective action will be taken if Milliman concludes it is warranted.

Milliman is committed to protecting the personal information of Informants. Explanations on how Milliman handles personal information are available here.

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